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Mercer: New Student Collaboration Center Expands Opportunities for Business-STEM Students

With the official opening of the new Student Collaboration Center in the Business Building (BS109) in November, Mercer County Community College (MCCC) is providing a state-of-the-art environment where business and technology students can get the job done.

During the opening reception, Professor of Business Laura Sosa said, “We want our students to have a holistic experience. We have created this space for them to collaborate outside the classroom, much like at four-year institutions.”

She recalled the process of proposing the room as a lesson in business. “Dean [Winston] Maddox and I went to the administration to request a space like this and they provided the funds to make it happen. They could have said ‘no,’ but they said ‘yes.’”

She encouraged students to forge into the workplace with ideas and not be afraid to pitch them. “Some day you will be in the business world and make proposals such as this. Sometimes you will be told ‘no,’ but you should always ask, because sometimes you will be told ‘yes.’”

In her remarks, MCCC President Jianping Wang concurred. “Students come first at Mercer. We wanted to do this right. You are the reason we are here. You inspire us every day.”

The spacious room is equipped with small tables and conference table, couches, several computer stations, and a printer, as well as two televisions that air the latest business and world news. The color scheme and furniture were selected to create a business environment.

The new facility is expected to provide students with a place to study, complete assignments, and share ideas with fellow students. By the end of the opening reception, students were already taking the administration up on its offer. Business student Benjamin Benson, for one, was seated at a table with his textbook open. Benson, who works for Shop Rite’s “Shop from Home” division, puts in as many as 38 hours per week on the job while attending college, so his time is precious. “I will definitely use this room to study. I have always had to go home to study and then go to work. Now I will be able to get assignments done on campus.”