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Jersey College Celebrates 5,000th Graduation with $30K Nursing Scholarship Awards

The Teterboro Campus Scholarship winners: Olivia P., Belena R., and Jasmaine V.

Jersey College’s six campuses, including Teterboro and Ewing New Jersey, hosted an institution-wide celebration to commemorate the College’s 5,000 graduates and award $30,000 in scholarships. Over 200 students participated in the $30,000 scholarship contest by submitting a paper describing ‘What Jersey College means to them?’ Steven B. Litvack, Esq., the President of Jersey College said “The participation rate far exceeded our expectations. The responses received were so passionate and expressive; each response demonstrated the PRIDE that we endeavor to instill in our students – pride for each other, the college, the nursing profession and our community.”

Many scholarship winners tearfully described their struggles and triumphs in pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Belena Rivera, the first place scholarship winner at the Teterboro campus stated: “After the initial shock passed, I was really excited to tell my children that their mommy won a scholarship!”

More than 1,000 alumni, students, clinical partners, and employers joined in the celebrations across the six campuses. “It was great to see so many of our alumni and friends attend the celebration,” said Greg Karzhevsky, Chancellor of Jersey College “This type of turnout sends a clear message of how proud we are of our graduates and the role they play in supporting the Tri-state area healthcare community.”