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Jersey College Launches iCare Program to Promote Student Success!

Jersey College has launched a new student success program called ‘iCare’. This program, launched across the institution’s six campus locations including Teterboro, NJ and Ewing, NJ, is designed to help students adjust to life in College. Early in their enrollment, students are paired with a faculty ‘iCare Mentor’ who serves as their personal point of contact throughout their enrollment. The Mentor and Mentee meet regularly throughout the first academic term and discuss everything from obstacles and fears, to goal setting, to study skills and academic support. After being selected through a competitive application process, each iCare Mentor is provided with a lapel pin identifying them as iCare Mentors and to remind students that Jersey College cares about their success and is available to offer support during their nursing journey.

Nursing school can be a rigorous journey for many students and that is why it so important that students have support while they are balancing their professional, personal and academic lives. In addition to Jersey College’s open door policy, the iCare program at Jersey College offers students a more personalized support system. Provost, Colette Gargiulo shares, “The iCare program at Jersey College has yielded results beyond initial expectations. There is a sense of comfort that exists as students appear more vocal and revel in knowing that someone “has their back”. I have seen and heard a paradigm shift take place among the student body. The symbiotic relationship between mentor and mentee is nothing short of inspirational.”