Public 2-Year Schools

Cumberland Strengthening Commitment to a Skilled Labor Force


Cumberland County College’s neighboring educational facility, the John F. Scarpa Technical Education Center, has begun the transition of its adult programs to Cumberland County College. As a result of the collaboration, vital workforce programs such as Welding, Diesel Mechanic, Auto Technician and Dental Assistant will continue to be offered in the county.

In addition, two new programs are being added—Certified Production Technician, and Transportation, Logistics and Distribution—to offer residents the training needed to take advantage of employment opportunities in those fields.

Cumberland County College, in partnership with Scarpa TEC and the Center for Workforce and Economic Development, worked diligently to identify current and projected industry job growth areas and co-developing strategies to ensure that the local workforce is prepared to take advantage of those opportunities. State and federal funding was identified to support the training, while alleviating college and training debt for students.

With Cumberland County College, Scarpa TEC, and CWED co-located on the same campus, residents have the ability to seamlessly take advantage of a continuum of services and opportunities for traditional academics and a college education, technical/vocational and trades preparation, and employment, training and social services. This ability to better cultivate a dynamic and highly skilled youth and adult workforce, will hopefully translate into attracting more employers and varied industries locally.